What is creativity and how do you attain it? Everyone has their own definition as to what creativity may be. Most do not even realize their creative potential. People often view creativity as something only a few people can perform such as artists and musicians; however, creativity is not limited to only a select few, we all have it, it is just a matter of you realizing and practicing it. Anyone can learn the steps to devise an innovative solution and in this article we are going to show you how.

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Creativity is considered as the top priority to business success by senior leadership. Organizations who foster creativity in their people will benefit from innovative ideas that have the potential to improve the business. Companies are operating in an environment that is highly competitive, which is why creativity and innovation is fundamental to successful business results.

Creativity in the workplace allows for situations to be looked at from multiple angles. Having a creative team that encourages originality, individuality, and artistry is key to working and running a successful organization. All employees have creative potential and it is up to the company to encourage it in the workplace. Companies that encourage creativity, outperform their rivals and obtain competitive advantages.

Today’s workforce is finding the work experience to be challenging based on two competing trends which are:

  • employee’s desire for meaningful work
  • the company’s need to create more value using automation

We continue to implement artificial intelligence (AI) to make business more cost effective.  The counter trend to AI is employees seeking more meaningful work. However, research indicates that more AI will probably lead to fewer jobs by 2030, which will lead to massive unemployment. Companies are looking to AI to create business value. AI will take away 2 billion jobs by 2030. New technologies will also create many new jobs for those who are qualified to do them. Employers today, are already stating that current AI job openings are more numerous than the number of qualified workers to fill them. Prospective employees would do well to be prepared for this new AI market and develop innovative skills.

How to Improve Creativity & Innovation

There are many strategies for creativity improvement. In the past, Water flow creativitybrainstorming has been and is still one of the most effective because you engage the synergy of the group.  Today, there is software that has been developed to tap into your unique ideas. Here are some other strategies:

  1. Things you can do to improve creativity and innovation skills is to take the time to embrace your senses.
  2. Use observational skills and expand upon your knowledge. This could mean exploring topics you are not familiar with or taking the time to research new topics.
  3. Continue to develop your creativity by writing ideas down in a journal that are new, exciting and inspiring. This is an exploration there is no right or wrong. This will encourage you to not only day dream about the concept but push you to apply the idea to your life and work.
  4. Practice getting into your right brain – study music, dance, taichi, qigong, yoga, nature walks, labyrinth walks and cooking
  5. Sports – walking, running, tennis, skiing, etc.
  6. Photography
  7. Gardening
  8. App & Software development/coding
  9. Needlework–sewing, knitting, cross stitch
  10. Horseback riding
  11. Scrapbooking & collages
  12. Writing
  13. Woodworking
  14. Do-It-Yourself projects, such as home improvement
  15. Working with animals
  16. Martial arts – Wushu kungfu, Karate, Aikido, Hapkido, Shaolin, Northern/Southern styles
  17. Take classes on painting, pottery, sculpture
  18. Longevity exercises
  19. Reiki and energy work

The use and practice of creativity and innovation are key factors in driving long-term success in business and your personal life.

Stay tuned for “Why is Creativity Crucial to Business Success?” (Part 2)